Digitalising the Real Estate sector using Blockchain Technology

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Of the investors thinks that technology will disrupt the Real Estate Market

Trillion US dollars market


Of global population is currently restricted by a lack of transparency
“To go from small to big, organizations shifted to centralization.

To go from big to infinity, organizations will decentralize in order to create trust among parties and thereby create frictionless collaboration of services and endless possibilities.”

What is the Problem?

The real estate sector is a traditional market with a lot of money involved and where emotions play an important role; it is characterised by a non-transparent information distribution. Due to limited technological innovations the real estate sector continues to be a nontransparent market, benefitting the middle-man.

The technological deprivation causes the following problems within the real estate sector:


Private data are insecurely saved by different organisations.


Inefficiency due complex processes and lack of trust.

No Uniformity

No uniformity about the way how data is interpreted and distributed by parties in the real estate sector, resulting in friction between organisations and the need to enter data twice in different systems.

Lack of Regulations

The lack of regulations and law in the real estate sector in various parts of the world creates vulnerability to fraud and conflicts of interest.

What is our solution?

BrickVision aims to digitalise all processes in the real estate sector by creating a decentralised application. It will function as a layer between organisations and consumer, giving them both maximum control over their own privacy, data and documents.

With this BrickVision creates a frictionless collaboration between organisations and consumers, ensuring that storage, privacy and security is guaranteed through decentralisation, smart contracts and open source software, in short: the blockchain technology.

BrickVision consists of two independent products; BrickContract and BrickCode:


In BrickContract we digitalise both buy and rental processes for a real estate property. The digitalisation ensures security and transparency beneficial for the consumers. Organisations profit by a more optimised, efficient, lower cost and secure flow of processes (generate legal documents) with a pay per use model, allowing them to focus on their core business.


In BrickCode we are connecting all different parties in one application; giving service providers the ability to offer real time services related to a real estate property; and giving consumers the possibility to manage all their services in an easy, secure and decentralised way.

Examples for services are: utilities like water, electricity, internet, property valuations, mortgage and more. The possibilities for services by organisations are endless in the sector living and working. 

Who are the Key Stakeholders?

The Consumers

Owners and users of real estate property. 

For example: The purchaser, vendor, tenant or landlord.

The Dealmakers

The real estate broker, manager and negotiator. 

For example: The real estate agent, property manager, housing corporation or a large institutional investor.

The Service Providers

An organisation that offers services to the consumer or dealmaker. 

For example: the appraiser, financer, government, accountant, notary or utility company.



 A valid business model to disrupt the real estate sector;
 A token with a real use case, fuelling both decentralised applications of BrickVision.


 Data and personal details are securely saved in the blockchain;
 Safely share data and personal details with organisations;
 Purchase effortless realtime services from service providers all within one application;
 Trust by decentralisation and open source code;
 Only upload private data once.


 Working more efficient using the application on a pay-per-use model;
 All company processes are managed securely on the blockchain;
 Use the latest technology at a very low cost;
 Complete and trustworthy data;
 Specific processes fully automated;
 Purchase effortless realtime services from service providers all within one application.


 Offer realtime services to consumers and other organisations within one application;
 The ability to offer services to a trusted and uniform centralised database filled with consumers and organisations;
 No need to enter and verify data twice.


Currently we are revising our whitepaper and will be available shortly.


2017, Q2

The idea to revolutionize the real estate market thanks to the blockchain technology

2017, Q4

Building team with the right expertise

2018, Q2

Writing the whitepaper

2018, Q4 - 2019 Q3

Developing the Decentralized Applications BrickContract & BrickCode


Roll out of BrickVision WorldWide

2017, Q3

Launch of BrickVision

2018, Q1

Hunting the best advisors

2018, Q3

Token Sale BrickVision

2019, Q2 - 2019, Q4

BrickVision beta in The Netherlands
BrickVision Airdrop
Roll out BrickVision in Western-Europe


Niels Breure

Co-founder BrickVision

Niels, Co-Founder of BrickVision, completed his study in Real Estate at the University of Rotterdam. After graduation he took on the job of managing several offices at NSI, a listed company specialised in commercial real estate investments. Niels was responsible for leasing office spaces, yearly turnover and formalising contracts. After this he worked at a renowned broker-office in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands. Niels is a colleague who knows how to translate the Blockchain technology into an understandable link between technological innovation and the conservative real estate sector. A clear vision for innovation, cooperation and connection within the real estate economics.

Kevin Vermaat

Co-founder BrickVision

Kevin, Co-Founder of BrickVision, graduated in Computer Science at the University of Rotterdam in 2011. He had a flying start at the recruitment software company Hireserve. As a software developer, he has over 7 years experience, developing and creating a recruitment solution for large companies in more than 60 countries such as KPN, Deloitte, Ahold Delhaize and the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Kevin is a colleague with broad knowledge about the blockchain technology, develops mobile games as a hobby and is always up to date with the latest technological innovations.

Ramón Esteve Cuevas

Head of Development

Ramon, senior programmer at BrickVsion, graduated at the Rotterdam University of Computer Sciences. Just like Kevin, he started his career as software developer at Hireserve. He is specialised in creating large and complex software systems. Connecting several technologies into one application in an efficient, quick and secure way. Ramon, specialised in the core of a system, will focus on the security, efficiency and speed of the decentralised application. His extensive background and knowledge about the core of software applications makes him a great addition to the team.

Tomas Norkunas

Manager Marketing & Communication

Thomas, Marketing and Communication manager at BrickVision, completed his master in Media and Communication at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. After graduation he decided to freelance as digital marketeer. By receiving assignment after assignment for both corporates and start-ups, Tomas quickly became experienced, providing a diversity of services but mainly focussed on SEO, data analyses and social media. Tomas is responsible for the marketing strategy and communication of BrickVision.

Matthew Hennesy


Matthew, designer at BrickVision, recently graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design at the University of Rotterdam. Ready for a new adventure he joined the team of BrickVision and took the lead for the design for all communications of the project. Thanks to his ability to translate complex processes into a clear vision together with his eye for detail have resulted in clear informative visuals and presentations regarding BrickVision. Matthew will focus on the graphical design and interaction design of the front-end of BrickVision


Thor Uiterwaal

Real Estate Advisor

Thor, advisor at BrickVision, is a business man with over 24 years of experience in the real estate sector. He worked for organisations like Regus, NSI and Spaces. Thor is responsible for the roll out of several different innovative concepts within the real estate sector for important organisations in the market. He has broad knowledge of the newest technological developments that are applicable in the real estate sector and has the skill to translate knowledge into concrete solutions. His experiences helped him in starting his own successful company in 2017, VYBES.

Patrick Ruwiel

Real Estate Advisor

Patrick, advisor at BrickVision, graduated in 1994 at the University of Amsterdam in the study Real Estate and recently completed the academic programme Commissioner Cycle at Nyenrode. His extensive work history contains mostly top positions at renowned real estate investor companies, such as MN Real Estate, Grontmij Group (now Sweco), Akron Real Estate, Delta Lloyd Real Estate and NSI. Patrick has been director of RCG (Rotterdam Consulting Group) since 2007. He gives clear advise on complex issues to various real estate companies and organisations. Furthermore, Patrick has been teaching at the University of Real Estate in Amsterdam for the past 18 years. This university is the leading academic institute for real estate in The Netherlands.



Where is BrickVision located? BrickVision B.V. is based at Hofplein 20 in Rotterdam, postal code 3032AC in the Netherlands. BrickVision is officially registered (#71847073) at the chamber of commerce.

Why has BrickVision only selected a number of social media channels? We have selected three social media channels allowing us to have focussed discussions, these channels are: Bitcointalk, Reddit and Discord. For our announcements we will use the discussions channels and the channels: Twitter, Medium and our website.

Will the products BrickContract and BrickCode be open source? Yes our products will be open source.

Who are the competitors of BrickVision? BrickVision is in its concept unique and the first in the world.

Why is BrickVision also accepting centralised organisations (without blockchain) on the decentralised application? To achieve worldwide adoption and a unique user experience we have chosen to accept centralised organisations. This way we are allowing organisations to have a transition period in order to decentralise their activities.

Has a Private Sale round been held prior to the Token Sale? No private sale round has been held.


Are BrickContract and BrickCode possible without the blockchain technology? Yes and no. Probably no organisation in the real estate sector would give a organisation/competitor control over their processes and data. Blockchain technology makes it possible to share the control and data, all in an open source application.

Why are BrickContract and BrickCode two separate decentralised applications? BrickContract is an application to generate purchase and rental agreements, creating uniform data output all stored in a decentralised database. BrickCode connects real estate related blockchains to enable real-time collaboration between organisations and consumers, BrickContract being one of the connected blockchains.

Where are the files saved? All files are encrypted, shredded into pieces called ‘shards’ and stored in a decentralised network of computers. The decentralised application handles who is able to decrypt and thereby have access to the file.

What is the function of BrickVision’s token within the products? The tokens are used as utility token in order to use services within the decentralised applications.


Can consumers use BrickContract without BrickCode? Yes, consumers do not have to use BrickCode in order to use BrickContract.

How can my organisation subscribe to use BrickContract? BrickVision will shortly announce when organisations are able to apply for BrickContract.


Can consumers use BrickCode without BrickContract? Yes, in the future it is possible to use BrickCode without BrickContract, but not for the time being. The decentralised database of BrickCode receives its input from BrickContract. The mission of BrickVision is to connect all blockchains within the real estate sector, so also other “legal document generators” can connect, which will enable the use of BrickCode without BrickContract.

How can my organisation subscribe to use BrickCode? BrickVision will announce when organisations are able to apply for BrickCode.

We would love to hear from you.

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